The Amsterdam / Rotterdam Tour

15. – 16. May 2023

Amsterdam / Rotterdam, Netherlands

Available Seats

Target Audience
Multi Unit Restaurants, Streetfood, Catering, QSR

In the mood to take flight into the gastronomic stratosphere? Join the culinary tour with Andrew Fordyce in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, melting pots of many cultures that have brought their culinary inspiration from home – especially from the former Dutch colonies. Experience the on-spot Markthal in Rotterdam, which was completed in 2014. Not only is its futuristic architecture unique, but so is its variety of trendy concept ideas: a wild mix of retail, market, restaurants, parking spaces – even living space!

However, Andrew wouldn’t be Andrew if he didn’t have a few hidden gastro concept gems up his sleeve to reveal on the tour. Get to know not only new concepts, but also the makers behind them. In face-to-face exchanges, you will take away many ideas that you can immediately implement in your own company.

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