Our Team

Andrew Fordyce stands with his team and the team with him. We have grown together as a team – a little like the giraffe, the animal of our logo, a very social and caring animal with long-term ties. We value each other for our cultural background, religion, special personalities, individual knowledge and willingness to always give our best. This is how we achieve results that satisfy us AND our customers. On this basis, our job is not simply work but also a whole lot of fun!

ANDREW Fordyce

A passionate food expert, an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a creative jack-of-all-trades, sleeveless and “hands on” with a credo that captivates people.


Silja Traut

New team member: Silja. She’s right at home on all the social media platforms, tracks down viral topics, and knows how to catch people’s eye. (Porträt soon to come.)

Social Media Content & Coordination


NAILA Shahnawaz

Support Food Trend Tours

Our student assistant fills our Food Trend Tour pocket booklets with everything that’s of interest in benchmarking and about the current gastro-destination. On top, she’s full of fresh ideas, hard at work in back office, and helps whenever it’s “all hands on deck”.


Iris Rosener

Product Process and Brand Manager

She manages to have always a clear view, optimizes work processes, ensures transparency, efficiency and customer satisfaction. What Iris is also having at heart: Making a brand – something she realizes just as well as all the other challenges.



Purring radio, desk decoration & “furry stress ball”

Camera-shy, but gifted mouser & operator with entertainment value for callers, providing entertaining loud “Miaus” in the background.

Not to forget: our reliable suppliers & partners

antsandelephants Werbeagentur und Fotostudio, Bayreuth

Alex Heinrichs Photography, Aschaffenburg

Jörg Lichtenegger, GMK Werbeagentur

To whom we might have forgotten: Call & we will correct ASAP!