Austin, TX - The New Hollywood

tbd. 2024

Austin/TX, USA

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Fast + Casual Dining, Healthy Eating

Insiders know: Austin, Texas is giving Hollywood-City, L.A. a run for its cinematic and culinary money. The city hasn’t just found fans in big-name celebrities like Sandra Bullock. According to the Texas Relators Association, in 2020 more than 86,000 Californians traded their pricy Sea&Surf lifestyle for the super laidback Southern Way of Living, gaining 36.2% in purchasing power

Austin can easily compete in movie-ready flair and gastronomic variety – and not just because of the Bastrop Film Studio 30 miles outside the city. It is a truly gargantuan project with over 200 spaces for film studios and entertainment such as event locations and stages, studio tours and of course – lots of gastronomy. Even without this project: every migration brings movement. That is why Austin is already buzzing like no other city worldwide with an amazing density of innovative gastro concepts. We’ve discovered the best of them for you!

P.S. If you think this tour sounds exciting, click over to our Miami Tour, which takes place right before Austin. Without giving away too much: a total contrast!

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